The Recycled Catholic

The Recycled Catholic
The Recycled Catholic

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our Lady of Guadalupe Casting The Plaster Mold.

                       Today I am going to show you how to cast a plaster mold.

 I purchased this beautiful heavy plastic mold of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Etsy.
 I was thrilled when the mail came and I opened the box. My soul slightly sunk as I inspected the molds construction. Wondering if this can stand up to cement in it's cavity.
 I really wanted to make paved stones of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I thought it would be fun to walk with a Saint in my herb garden. I then decided to try plaster first and see how the mold held up to that abuse.

Here are a few of the things you will need to complete the project:

1- The mold
2- a small recycled bucket of some kind for the water and plaster when you mix it
3- cheap dollar store measuring cup( don't invest a lot of money into this)
4- old heavy spoon either wood or plastic or I used a free paint stir stick
5- the plaster
6- spray oil ( the kind you use to oil your pans for cooking)
7- paper towels ( I like to clean up as I work)

A word on plaster I used a high grade plaster I bought from Hobby Lobby. Don't scrimp on the base product you will pay for it dearly with a broken project afterwards.
I used this product it was only $4.99 and I will get 3 finished molds from this.

Now lets get your mold ready for the plaster! The good stuff.
I used plain old cooking spray or Pam in my mold. It's safe to use, readily available in your home already! No need to buy fancy mold release from the hobby store.

Spray your mold liberally with the cooking spray. Then use a paper towel to blot up the excess. Make sure you have no bubbles these will show up after you cast your mold.

                    Time to make the plaster!!! Are you getting excited?
Get your recycled bowl, spoon, measuring cup, and plaster mix. I also get a bucket of cold water and keep it near by for spills and the water you will need for the project.
Follow the directions on the plaster container.

 It's just like making pancake batter.  I like to keep it simple. Add the plaster in the bowl and add some water. Keep stirring and adding to make the plaster smooth and pancake batter like.
You will notice lumps. Keep stirring until you work those out.  Keep in mind you need to work quickly! The plaster will start setting once you add water. If you stir to long you will notice it firming up. Start pouring in to your mold anytime.

Keep your mold level. I used paper towels on the sides underneath of the mold to keep it from rocking.

Now you wait 30 minutes for the mold to harden. I usually wait longer to really make sure the mold has dried enough not to break. It does take 24 hours for the mold to cure. I suggest you just keep in the mold 12 hours. The bottom mold was kept in the plastic mold 12 hours and it turned out wonderful

You gently turn the mold upside down and work the sides to get the mold out.
I generally panic a bit at this stage! But keep working it!

Here is my finished mold! She turned out wonderful!
                          Hope this helped you in making your own creations.
God Bless, Kim

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