The Recycled Catholic

The Recycled Catholic
The Recycled Catholic

Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Nerf Party! Halloween Party! Christmas Party! Birthday Party!

My husband bless his heart loves making Nerf Party Targets.
It all started with his love of the carnival and the shoot them up games on the Mid-ways.

All the targets are wood and have "wooden teeth" that slide off and on from the back. They easily fly off when hit with a Nerf gun foam bullet, a rubber band gun or bean bags.
Actually, It's pretty funny to see one in person. They are cleverly made and just great for children to manipulate.
Buy Santa Target 
I hand paint them all (his wife). All are original and different in little ways.

Stop by his store on Etsy this fall and pick up a target for your next Nerf Party, Family Reunion, Halloween party, Birthday Party, Christmas Party. We even have a Santa target and Pumpkin Target!
Buy Pumpkin Target

                                                 Stop by and look at all the Targets!!!  This link will take you to Etsy!

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