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The Recycled Catholic
The Recycled Catholic

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Am My Ducks Keeper Or I Am My Brothers Keeper

My loving hubby of 31 year came home from running an errand in a rant. He said to me "You won't believe what just happened"! Of course being a dutiful wife and actually interested for once I asked "What happened?"

He said that while driving down a major road in our little world, he was stopped by a family of geese crossing the street.
Of course all the other drivers on both sides of the traffic saw this and stopped. Letting the new family cross the street. Dad duck was wildly quacking with his head down determined to cross over. His family in tow following in back. The baby geese of course were oblivious to the 2 ton dangers on either side of them.

Then out of the blue, in my hubby's passenger rear view mirror he sees a car coming alongside in the gravel. Of course this is a paved road handling thousands of cars a day . This car decided to pass all others waiting for the geese family to cross. My hubby said he started honking his horn over and over. I can see on his face has he described the scene how very upset he was!

The selfish car missed the geese family! A near miss, Blessed it be to God. He then said he hoped the SOB learned his damn lesson.

Of course I being a bit more cynical said, I doubt it.

What came after this little discussion was a grass roots effort to make people aware of the wildlife and living things around them. Also in your little busy world traffic stops for a reason! Your life isn't the only one needing to get things done or race around because you are late for work. This goose family needed to feed their children.

So the hubby and I made up these signs for the geese and ducks. Hopefully, It will stop and make one driver thinks before they hit a goose and it's family.

Yes, we are Our Brothers Keeper:)

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