The Recycled Catholic

The Recycled Catholic
The Recycled Catholic

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Catholic Polish Poetry

Into my home
falls a sunbeam
and with it, God's Love.
And the fields of grain are brightened
and the flowers are as beautiful as the sun.
How much joy from the one Love
O My God.
She never loses a person
but only gives help
in school and in work
in misery and in hunger
only share a prayer with her.
The Heart of the Lord is open
for everyone,
but you yourself choose
your own way.
Maria Szlachetka


Czestochowa, Lourdes, Fatima
regardless of how I will call you
always the same in motherhood.
Loving and Good Mother
You give butterflies above the meadow
birds in the high clouds
dew drops on the rose petals
happiness during the day and quiet nights.
For you the nightingale in the lilac shrub sings psalms
fish dance in the stream
the echo in the cliff carries your name far away
when the waterfall calls for prayer.
But I, simple singer in the chorus,
For your glory - together with all the world
Carry a poem for You -
like a bouquet of herbs from the August meadow.

Jerzy Tawlowicz

 My mother's black rosary--
her life's code
polished prayer beads
each one separately
knocks for the Light of Mystery
during the lonely night
it is the alphabet of her soul
she whispered to him herself
without the remainder
She lifted her hands
by the crown of hope

my mother's black rosary
my testament

Holy Mary, Mother Of Sorrows
Holy Mary, Mother Of Sorrows,
Teach us to understand the meaning of the cross
in our lives,
so that we can add to our bodies
what is lacking in the suffering of the Christ
for the good of his mystical body,
which is the Church.
And when we finish our temporal piligrimage,
help so that we are able to live with You eternally
in the heavenly kingdom

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