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The Recycled Catholic
The Recycled Catholic

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Babushka Day Christmas Preparations A Mothers Heart

Dec 21 is a busy day has we prepare for Christmas to come.
I claim today to be "Babushka Day"!
So get your kerchiefs and put your hair back!
Most of us will be preparing for the up coming Christmas day by cleaning, baking and guiding family members with "good advice"

Usually a "Babushka" is an elderly women but all women can be Babushka's! Usually they are married but single women can practice being a "Babushka".
Here are a few rules that "Babushka's" follow:
#1 perfect at cooking
#2 enjoy taking care of their grandchildren or children
#3 “she knows best.” It is no good trying to argue with her
#4 perfect at cleaning
#5 good at giving a piece of advice whether you’ve asked for it or not.
#6 remind you of the rules if you fail to toe the line yourself
#7 stuff their relatives in general with food and grandchildren in particular to the bursting point.
Get your "Babushka" and have a wonderful day!
In the mean time stop by my shop for Catholic Devotions like a good Babushka.

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