The Recycled Catholic

The Recycled Catholic
The Recycled Catholic

Saturday, September 26, 2015

History Lessons in Catholic Holy Cards

Have you ever wondered why Catholic's have holy cards?
Did they play Poker with them? Crazy Saints? Old Saint? Go Saint?
 I used to imagine has a child these scenario's in heaven.
Did God have this big pile of holy cards he would play with Mary and Jesus? I would giggle in childlike wonder. Now in my OLDER years I realize they are  devotions, keepsakes to remind us of their love and sacrifice to God.
However something took place in our society to publish a certain holy card. Of course the obvious is the Canonization or Beatification of a new Saint. But doesn't this represent a time in our development has a Catholic and a historical marker in our history has a society? So holy cards are very important in this fact. In conclusion, sell me Grannys holy cards.

Here are a few I have collected and sold over the last few years.

Two Rare Saint Theresa postcards 1920 for her Canonization celebration 

Rare French Joan of Arc 1890's

French Lithograph Station of the Cross Art Nouveau period. 
I make these folk art devotions as my work from God to pass on his love for you and your family. Each one is sealed and treated with 

Archival and Conservation techniques 

If you would like I can include more historial materials about each card to you. Let me know.

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