The Recycled Catholic

The Recycled Catholic
The Recycled Catholic

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Trip To New Orleans St Louis #3 Cemetery

I had a wonderful trip to New Orleans! I highly suggest you go it you haven't!
I was so happy to see my daughter and son-in-law, that this was by far one of our  more memorable trips. My daughter was raised Catholic but my son-in-law is a bit bohemian. He would appreciate me saying that! But both are in the biological sciences. Science and the church don't always go hand in hand. But I dragged them to a Catholic Cemetery. They enjoyed it! I hope you do too. So here are the pictures!
New Orleans above-ground tombs in St. Louis #3 is walking distance from the New Orleans Museum of Art.
The Sacred Heart of Jesus welcomes you to one of the concrete lanes you drive down.

We counted 19 family members buried in this handsome tomb. Has people passed away you were placed inside with your other family members.

Wall Vaults like the one below were often shared. One vault was often used for an entire family. After a respectable time, the remains of a burial were pushed to the back where construction of the vault allowed it to fall to a receptacle below; the space was then ready for another recipient.  
Here is my daughter peering into one.

Here was the marker in front of the vaults explaining the restoration process to families.
Amazingly, this cemetery was flooded by Hurricane Katrina and we hardly noticed any damaged. This damage is done from time.

The statues were just wonderful! I wanted to be inspired when I came here.
 Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
Saint Joseph
The Immaculate Heart of Mary or The Sacred Heart of Mary
A very time worn Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

One of my favorites! An Angel
Gothic Angel
Site if the Sisters of the Poor and the Wall Vault they share. Also know has a Society Vault. You saw many society's having wall vaults.
A mother crying over her infant.
At the end we saw this beautiful statue of Saint Padre Pio.

While New Orleans gets a bad rap for being a dirty, smelly, and over indulgent.
I can say peacefully I saw Mary,
 all through out her city,  her poor, her drunks, churches, parks, police and even the Voodoo shops. I love New Orleans!

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