The Recycled Catholic

The Recycled Catholic
The Recycled Catholic

Monday, July 27, 2015

Collecting Catholic Mid-Century Ugly Pot Sick Call Set

Collecting Catholic
I share with my small collection of Mid-Century Mexican Catholic monks.
I just had to have these when I was at the auction. Thinking they might be rare and worth millions! (I jest, with the millions remark)
I later found out they are not so rare. And worth about what I paid for them. But I still shine them up and enjoy them. Value $10-$20
An Ugly Pot is beside the monks. Handmade by a potter in North Carolina they are used to scare evil away. Value $350 at one time.

More Collecting Catholic✞
Collecting and reaping the rewards of time and inflation.
Here is an example of a sick call box once used in homes around the 1890's thru the early 1900's. (remember when a priest would come to your home? It wasn't uncommon for family members to die in the home) You needed to be prepared! 
Beautifully made of oak, with hand painted chalk statues this complete set sold at auction for only $73.00 bucks in 2010. Now I would estimate it's value at $170.00 retail being in near perfect condition. (the candles should be bees wax, however)
Thanks for reading! Kim 

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