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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Saint Veronica

Saint of the Day!
St. Veronica
She is the patron saint of Photographers and Laundry workers is symbolized by holding a veil bearing the face of Christ and carrying the crown of thorns.
Legend says that a pious woman commonly referred to as 'Veronica'--though she was one of many who accompanied Jesus Christ to he crucifixion on Calvary--was so moved by His suffering she used her veil to wipe His face and the imprint of his features remained on the Veronica Veil.
Legend of Veronica states she took the veil from the Holy Land and used it to cure the Emperor Tiberius of some illness. St. Veronica is said to have left her veil with Pope Saint Clement. Recordings claim Saint Veronica's Veil has been in Rome since the command of Pope Boniface VIII in 1297.
Stories of St. Veronica report her to have been cured by Jesus before his crucifixion. Her faith and her act of charity were the reason He gave her the gift of his face upon her veil.
Some French folklore relates Patron Saint Veronica as the wife of Zacchaeus, the tax collector (Luke 19:1-10). She accompanied him to France, where he was called Amadour. When Amadour became a hermit, St. Veronica moved to evangelize southern France. Others say she is Martha, the sister of Lazarus, or a princess of Edessa, or the wife of an unnamed Gallo-Roman officer. Whatever Veronica's story she is honored as a patron saint of the Catholic Church. 
Painting by Hans Memling (circa 1433–1494) Oil on CanvasSaint 

Veronica In Culture.
In Spanish-style bullfighting, a VerĂ³nica is the act of a matador letting his cloak trail over the bull's head as it runs past him.
The same way as St.Veronica is usually depicted holding the cloth.

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